Lafayette Parish School Board member Dr. Tehmi Chassion believes reports of alleged bribery on the part of the Tikia Consulting Group are completely made up, and he finds the situation to be "strange."

"I believe 110 percent this is made up," Chassion said. "I don't know where it would come from, but an entire four months after the fact, you magically decide that you have a conscience and say 'Hey listen, with all of the issues that are going on, let me tell you about these Saints tickets that I shouldn't have taken but I took.'"

Board members Shelton Cobb and Mark Cockerham have come forward with allegations that Rina Tikia tried to influence their votes by giving them tickets to see the New Orleans Saints. Cobb said he declined the offer, but Cockerham reportedly accepted the tickets before trying to give them back to Tikia.

Chassion said last year's process to find a new insurance provider was "baffling," and that board members were often not given enough information.

The school board ultimately chose to restart the search process for an insurance provider and stuck with its current provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield, for another year.

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