Today was a very emotional day AGAIN! You know I've become a professional crier. Anyway, I want to share with you a...

Posted by CJ Clements on Saturday, March 19, 2016


We have been detailing the treatments Brittni Clements has been going through as she fights cancer and we are glad to report that she is leaving the hospital in Florida.

Brittni, who is the daughter of CJ from 99.9 KTDY, was diagnosed with leukemia just over a month ago, and she has been kicking cancers butt!!!

Now, after a month in the hospital, Brittni has been allowed to leave the hospital, but will continue treatments on a weekly basis. However, she will not be confined to a hospital room.

Recently, CJ shared this video on his Facebook page and it shows Brittni ringing a bell in the hospital. Patients are encouraged to ring this bell three times when they are discharged, as a sign of victory and hope.

Not only did Brittni get to hear the sound of victory, but she also gave other patients in the hospital hope that they too will soon ring that bell. I can't lie to you, this is THE single best thing I have seen on the internet in months!!!

Brittni is an inspiration to so many people and she will continue to kick cancer in the rear end. Let's just hope that all the patients in the hospital, and patients in hospitals all the around the world, heard that bell ring. What a beautiful sound.