This is the story of a Brooklyn teacher who should be smarter than he apparently is.  According to a New York Daily News article, Marlon Scanterbury admitted to investigators that he offered kids a "no homework pass" for purchasing his homemade soap!  No, I am not making this up.  Thankfully, only three students ever bought his soap.

The Daily News reports, "Under the program ( as Brooklyn's P.S. 66), teachers promoted good behavior and academics by giving out keys to deserving students, who could then redeem them for trinkets. Scanterbury put his own twist on it, telling his 11- and 12-year-old students last November that they would earn 10 keys if they bought a bar of homemade soap for $3 or $4."

When the program didn't work to well, Scanterbury told investigators, “I further informed my students that for each bar of soap purchased, in addition to 10 ‘keys,’ the student would also receive one ‘no homework pass,’” he said in a signed statement.

The whole venture made him about twenty-five bucks, but he is now paying a 4,000 dollar fine.  Well, he may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but at least this is not another story of a teacher having sex with a student.

Even though it doesn't rise to a major crime, and this teacher is not going to get fired, I just find the whole thing so disgusting.  He is a teacher.  If he wanted to go into the soap making business, he should have done that.  I mean, don't kids have enough problems without some teacher trying to get them to buy their homemade crafts.  You know this guy has got to be embarrassed.

Thankfully, only one student ever got a 'pass', and investigators say at least three kids bought some soap, but really this is just another example of, "What were you thinking"?

Dear teachers......(and this only applies to a handful of you who put yourselves above your students)...just teach our kids.  Leave your politics, personal financial goals and crafts out of the classroom!  Just teach our kids!