The City of Broussard has approved up to $3.5 million in infrastructure improvements for the area around the proposed Blackwater retail project and St. Julien Park. The money will be allocated for the following priorities:

  • Widening St. Etienne to 3 lanes from Ambassador Caffery to Moulin Rd.
  • Building of a public cross street through the proposed site to connect Hwy 90 to St. Etienne.
  • Drainage
  • Installation of a traffic signal

Mayor Charlie Langlinais said,

We are preparing for the drastic increase in usage of this area that is expected with the combination of both the opening of the park and the construction of this new retail development. We have every reason to believe this will be the beginning of many new retail projects in Broussard and we are doing everything necessary to make sure we continue to invest in our city's growth. It began with our investment into the Ambassador Caffery extension and we will continue to be forward thinking and foster Broussard's progress.

Blackwater Resources, LLC, a major regional shopping center developer, is planning to develop a 340,000 square foot retail development on the west corner of Ambassador Caffery and Hwy 90. The project is expected to cost $60 million with an expected open date of summer of 2016. The projected total sales for the finished project would be an estimated $134 million a year, generating $3.3 million in tax revenue for the city.

Broussard's retail sales in 2014 were almost $700,000,000, marking a growth of almost $600,000,000 in a 15 year period.