Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais has sent a letter to Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel over comments Durel made during "Lafayette Live" on "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" Thursday morning.

The city of Broussard is in an ongoing dispute with LUS over three connections that cross the Broussard system with Lafayette's system. LUS Director Terry Huval said Tuesday that the three connections are new. But the city of Broussard says those connections have been there for more than 16 years, they are all entirely within the Broussard system, and LUS has known about them all along.

In the letter to Durel, Langlinais details dates of meetings and emails between members of the two sides.

Langlinais also says he "would really like to make some progress in resolving this dispute."

Langlinais then recommends "suspend(ing) further action in the lawsuit, and...go(ing) to mediation with an experienced mediator" to solve the problem among other recommendations.

To read Langlinais' entire letter to Durel, click this link: Letter from City of Broussard