A new list by RoadSnacks.net, ranks Broussard in the top 10 most redneck cities in the state of Louisiana. Broussard, south of Lafayette, comes in at #6. According to the site, research was based on 'redneck' factors such as number of bars, smoke shops, fishing shops, Walmarts and high school graduation rates. Writers also took into account road trip favorite, Waffle House, when making calculations.


First off, Shreveport has the 5th most tobacco stores in Louisiana, so rednecks there have plenty of places to get their chew and smokes. We call it the ‘chew factor.’ And, there are lots of bars in the area, and plenty of places to get bait.


  1. Shreveport
  2. Westwego
  3. Mandeville
  4. Slidell
  5. Cut Off
  6. Broussard
  7. Ponchatoula
  8. Denham Springs
  9. West Monroe
  10. Galliano

Many of these are the types of places where old redneck ladies drive their motorized wheelchairs down the middle of town, towing their grandkids in a wagon. Where people have deer horns on their hoods. Where people wear camo to church.


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