Louisiana lawmakers are pushing through one more week of this year's regular session only to return to the Capitol next week for a second special session to tackle a state budget shortfall.

State Sen. Fred Mills joined Bernadette Lee and Brandon Comeaux on Acadiana's Morning News to review the current session and speculate about the next.

With the state's current budget issues, Mills said Louisiana lawmakers are juggling all the issues that comes with the regular session while taxes and budget deficits weigh heavily on their minds.

Mills attested the Senate Finance Committee is combing through next year's budget to make necessary cuts before the session begins next week.

Mills said this was the third year that he brought medical marijuana legislation before the Louisiana Legislature. What distinguishes Senate Bill 271 from previous legislation is Mills said the bill establishes what diseases could be treated by physicians with medical marijuana.

In previous years, lawmakers established regulations regarding the cultivation, production and prescription of the drugs.

Mills said medical marijuana has been legal in Louisiana for decades, but it could be prescribed for a very limited number of diseases. The governor and the legislature approved adding 10 more disease to the list.