By now you've heard the heartbreaking news of Keaton Jones, and the community that searched late into the evening to find him.

Keaton was a 6-year-old non-verbal autistic Youngsville resident who went missing on Sunday morning. The family began a frantic search, joined by neighbors and police, on foot, wheels and aircraft; they searched late into the evening. It was the marine unit who found Keaton's lifeless body in a retention pond not far from his home.

Keaton and his family came to Acadiana by way of Texarkana, transferred here by Donald Jones' (Keaton's father) employer. The Jones family has no other family members in the area, which is what prompted one of Donald's coworkers to start a Go Fund Me account to help.

According to the Go Fund Me page, there is no insurance money to help with burial expenses (which will be higher than normal, due to having to transfer Keaton's body back to Texarkana).

The goal for the account is set at $10,000, and they are just shy of the goal by $700 (at the time of this writing).

As sad as this tragedy is, Acadiana did it again: friends, strangers, officials, all coming together to help one family in need. I wish that this story would have ended differently, but there is nothing we can do about that. What we CAN do is donate to this fund to at least help ease some of the financial burden the Jones family is experiencing.

Our thoughts are with the Jones family, both here and back in their hometown of Texarkana.

(Go Fund Me)