Things are being done a little differently at Lafayette High School now when dealing with transportation.  The changes were made after an accident in which a student was hurt while trying to catch up to a bus.  School Board officials and officials from the school say the changes are all about safety.

Officials from the Lafayette Parish School System had a chance to meet with bus drivers and school officials so that they could discuss how to make the transportation area of the school a safer environment for students.  Lafayette High has a semi-circle concrete driveway right in front of the entrance to the school where buses have lined up for years.

One of the major changes that has been made according to Lafayette Parish School System Director of Transportation Bill Samec, is that the first priority to leave the school will be buses.  Buses will load up their students and leave campus before any other students will be allowed to leave.

Another major change that is happening for Lafayette High School students is that administrators say students will get a full seven minutes to get to their bus.  Bus drivers will also not be allowed to have the engines running while they are waiting on students.