The President made a statement the other day saying that business owners are not responsible for their own success.  Now, the National Federation of Independent Business has fired back, saying that the President has an utter lack of understanding of how people start a business and create jobs.

The President shows his belief that government makes it all possible, but how deep does his understanding go?  A recent rundown of what is happening with the Chevy Volt might shed some light on things.  The President and his team continue to emphasize that things are going well with the Volt when each one loses taxpayers money and makes only a pittance for a profit for General Motors.

What do you think about the President's statement?  Is he right and we owe our success to others or is the NFIB right in thinking that hard work and smarts make the difference for many in business?  And how does the success/failure of the Volt play into things for the President?  Let us know what you think.