Louisiana’s film industry has taken a hit since lawmakers put a cap on the state’s film tax incentive program last year, but business agent for a New Orleans film workers union, Cory Parker, says things are looking up. He says some smaller productions are coming to the Bayou State again, likely seeking the qualified film professionals here.

“We have such a deep infrastructure of crew here that are available, and when they go elsewhere, they’re having trouble finding crew,” Parker said.

During the 2015 legislative session, legislators placed a $180 million cap on film tax credits the state can issue every year, which caused uncertainty in the industry. Parker says Louisiana still has one of the best film tax programs in the country and movie makers are realizing that again.

“The phones are starting to ring, and we’re seeing some bigger shows, or some higher profile shows, showing up. So hopefully the trend continues,” Parker said.

Parker is optimistic that next year, legislators can pass legislation that will make the film tax credit program stronger and eliminate some of the concerns film makers.

“I don’t know what that solution is just yet, but we are working on it and talking with legislators and talking with industry leaders to try and come up with that,” Parker said.