Butch Browning will be reinstated as the Louisiana State Fire Marshal on Monday.

Three weeks ago he stepped down from his position and announced he was going to work in the private sector. But on that same day, he was accused of misusing the power of his office. Louisiana State Police have announced in their investigation that no factual evidence was found to support claims made against Browning and he has been exonerated.

“Butch and I have had several conversations since he announced his intent to retire. We discussed the opportunities afforded to him in the private sector. We have also spoken about the distractions caused by the allegations made against him and the subsequent investigations,” said Edmonson. “I reminded Butch about the successes of the Fire Marshal’s Office under his leadership over the past four years and the goals we have yet to accomplish.”

Edmonson added, "I respect the role of the Inspector General and appreciate his efforts and partnership. As such, I assigned a trooper to assist his office with their investigation. I take any allegation against Departmental personnel or operations very serious. That is why I directed Internal Affairs' supervisors to conduct an internal investigation and review every piece of information to determine if departmental policy was violated or if criminal activity occurred. That investigation has shown me that Butch did not abuse his power or violate the public trust.”

Edmonson continued, “Butch has been a dedicated public servant in the fire service for over 27 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership to the Office of State Fire Marshal. Under his leadership, sweeping changes were made to the department through reorganization and cross-training of personnel. I have received an outpouring of support for Butch since he announced his intention to retire and I am proud to now announce his return.”

Browning said, "After much thoughtful reflection over the last couple of weeks, it is clear that there is important work left to be done at the Fire Marshal's Office. I am humbled by the support I have received from the community and sincerely appreciate Colonel Edmonson's leadership and guidance as I reconsidered my decision. The allegations made against me have rested heavily on my heart. The integrity of the Office of State Fire Marshal is one of my top priorities. It’s what the public expects. I welcome the opportunity to make positive changes and appreciate the input from the Inspector General. I remain proud of the great strides we have made to protect the public we serve. I also remain committed to continuing to work with our partners to enhance economic development and improve the quality of life for our citizens. I can think of no greater service."