“Are we that sick as a society that the answer to people helping people in a disaster is another government bureaucracy, another government program? If I’m sitting there in a house that’s flooded, I’m sitting there on a rooftop…the last thing I’m gonna do is say ‘Show me your permit!’”

And that was how the conversation started on this morning’s edition of “Wingin’ It Wednesday” as panelists Warren Caudle and Carol Ross debated the topic of the need for legislation for citizen rescuers known as the “Cajun Navy” with “Acadiana’s Morning News” hosts Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee.

Those were the words of Warren Caudle, who railed against the idea of people needing to register with the government to rescue others in their time of need.

As he argued his point, Bernie jumped into the conversation.

“You have to have Good Samaritan legislation,” said Bernie, making her point throughout the segment that she believes legislation is something needed in this day and age to be able to rescue others.

As the debate progressed, Bernie and Rob found themselves on one side of the conversation while Warren and Carol were on the other.

Add in the callers and it made for an entertaining conversation!