Tony Robichaux said the Ragin' Cajuns need to "man up" at the plate after Wednesday's loss to Houston. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time he said that this season.

Robichaux's Cajuns are relying on pitching and defense to get by right now, and even though they outhit the Cougars, 8-7, they ended up losing, 3-2. His team had the bases loaded with a chance to pounce in the 7th inning, and they collected a lone run off a sacrifice fly. It was a part of the contest that hit a chord with Robichaux after the game.

"It's just inexcusable, man. Sooner or later, we have to get something going at the plate," Robichaux said.

The frustration was evident. Waiting for run support is a tough task for a pitching staff, but Robe said his arms won't turn on the hitters.

Houston's pitching staff has the third best team ERA in the country, so the Cajuns were sledding uphill to start. Evan Guillory pitched another game on the road and only gave up a single run. Hogan Harris and Jevin Huval each gave up a run out of the bullpen too, but the pitchers weren't to blame. That being said, Robichaux is smart enough to not let the blame game get played in his locker room.

Robe treats his players like grown men, and he wants them to deal with their issues directly.

"Pink elephant's in the room. You can't ignore it. We're just not scoring runs," Robichaux said.

It was a one run loss on the road to a quality pitching staff, but Robichaux's concerns point to the weekend against South Alabama. Kevin Hill and the Sun Belt's top team will try to punch them in the teeth, and Robe wants to make sure his players bring their bats to the fight.

With Joe Robbins out with a hand injury, Coach Robichaux is trying everything possible to spark the lineup. On Wednesday night, he started Brand Antchak and Hunter Kasuls, moving Stefan Trosclair to first, Alex Pinero to third and Brenn Conrad to DH. Kennon Fontenot came off the bench to collect a big double, but the Cajuns couldn't capitalize. Nine runners left on base will pick at a coach's sanity, so there was no surprise Robichaux was upset after the close loss.

This weekend's matchup with South Alabama is a slugfest in the Sun Belt Conference, and every game counts for their RPI at this point. The loss to Houston hurts, but it's only one more setback provided by the game of baseball.

It's a long road to and through the postseason, it's just up to the Cajuns to learn from the journey.