An odd and grotesque scene went down Wednesday in a Los Angeles Home Depot when an unidentified man walked into the tool section of the store and began cutting his own arms with various small saws.

He cut both arms with hand saws down to the bone -- West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez.

After receiving many 911 calls, first responders arrived to find the man face down in a pool of his own blood. Luckily for the man, one of those first responders was off-duty paramedic Art Hurtado.

Though he initially thought the motionless, mutilated man had already died, Hurtado discovered the unidentified man still had a pulse. Hurtado was then able to fashion makeshift tourniquets out of resources found in the store, likely saving the bleeding man's life.

Were we in a good place for it? No, but you improvise. If I didn't have rope I'd have used my shoelaces. We would have made it work. - Art Hurtado

The unidentified man was then rushed to a local hospital for emergency surgery. Police still do not know the man's name or why he deliberately cut his own arms in the Los Angeles hardware store.

[via FoxNews]