A campaign aide to the governor says Bobby Jindal has about 8.7 million dollars available for his October 22nd re-election bid. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says Jindal's re-election chances are in great shape politically and financially.

Democratic state Senator Robert Marionneaux of Livonia is considering a gubernatorial campaign. Marionneaux told Louisiana Radio Network, one of KPEL's news affiliates, that  its "50 -50" on whether he'll challenge Jindal. Pinsonat says if Marionneaux throws his hat into the ring, he'll have to a raise a lot of money in a hurry. Pinsonat says even if Marionneaux runs, Jindal shouldn't have much of a problem getting re-elected.

Democratic Haynesville school teacher Tara Hollis has declared her candidacy for Governor as well.