James Carville has said a lot of ridiculous things over the years.  This is not one of them.  He came out with a piece on Politico that slammed people that are questioning and hating on Hillary Clinton.  He says that people are even now making claims that Hillary faked a concussion and blood clot just to get out of testifying about Benghazi.

It is a strain and a struggle, but I find myself agreeing with James Carville on this one.  Mark it down because it is not likely to happen again anytime soon.

At first, when we heard that the Secretary of State had a concussion, I have to admit that my first thought was that it was one of those "Clintonian" moments were something happens that conveniently keeps the Clinton's from getting in trouble.  But, after hearing about her heading to the hospital, I became concerned because no one can argue with her headed to a hospital for a blood clot.  Yes, it could be a fake, but it is a lot harder to carry out with any clarity, particularly because the Clinton's are not the first family anymore.

My thought now is simply that Hillary Clinton has earned a rest and respite from public life. She will also testify about Benghazi as has been announced.  There really is no reason to hate Hillary or anything that has happened here.  Hillary Clinton was a victim of problems as a result of travel.  I think we can put this one to rest.

As the dust clears from this little problem, we will move on to bigger issues, like what actually happened on 9/11/12 in Libya and Hillary will give us her take at that time.

Here's hoping that Hillary gets well soon.  No reason to wish her ill at this point and why even try?