I really am not that big a sports fan but from way back in my head I hear "Eli's Coming" by Three Dog Night.  If I'm not that big a sports fan you may wonder why I care about the Super Bowl?

The Saints aren't involved so I go to the next best option:  Eli Manning.  I feel his father was robbed of so many honors by having to steer a ship full of, shall we say under qualified team mates.  Archie Manning was an incredible quarterback who played with the heart of Rocky Balboa.  With the exception of a few members of the team he never really stood a chance of living up to his potential.

I am incredibly proud of Archie and his offspring and wish Eli the best in tonight's game.

Dipping into the guacamole and waiting for kickoff and the chili and I hear it in the background....Eli's Coming!

If the Saints can't be there it's great to have the son-of-a Saint leading the charge.