Stealing from the dead is bad enough but buying stolen merchandise from the graveyard! Lower than pond scum!!!!  Recently two people in Rapides Parish were busted for stealing urns from a graveyard.

One of the culprits was arrested and charged with theft of over 500 urns while the other was charged with receiving stolen property in the form of those 500 or so urns.  Some of these urns were valued at over $500.   I know things are tough and the economy is making a lot of people resort to theft but this takes the cake!  Stealing from any living person is bad but stealing from a dead person is worse than criminal.  The victim can't speak out and the family is brokenhearted because somebody sees an easy dollar in the graveyard.

Didn't these two rocket scientists think they would get caught?  Rapides Parish isn't that big.  Word had to get around!

I think stealing is bad enough but stealing from the dead is downright unpardonable....lower than pond scum!