This weekend I was in upstate Louisiana with a few hours to kill so I decided to take in a movie. Found the Cinema at the Pecan Land Mall in Monroe and was excited to see that the new Denzel Washington flick, 'The Equalizer' was being shown. I didn't know anything about the movie but I like Denzel Washington and figured maybe it was patterned after the television series of the same name which I really enjoyed.

The movie started slowly and I started to wonder when the action would begin. Shortly after that thought the action did begin! It began and almost never stopped! Incredible movie with great effects along with Washington's talent. The action is almost non-stop and very violent with great effects. So, what's my problem? Not with the movie but with people who show up late, using a flashlight to find their seats at the front of the theater AND bring a ten year old or so girl with them. The movie is rated 'R' for violence and language and these alleged adults bring a child in and sit her two rows from the screen.

The violence and language of prime time television is bad enough but if the film industry rates something as 'R' and tells you it's because of the violence and language and you still bring a child in I think you should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If a child is young enough not to understand what is going on or so young as to sleep through the movie it's one thing but to bring a 10 year old to watch something this violent filled with filthy language you have to be nuts!

We wonder why there is so much violence in America yet we let deranged people bring impressionable children to a 'kill fest' like this movie. It's been said before, you need a license to drive but anybody can make a child with no sanity check.