Thirty-one passengers who were stranded for five days in February 2013 aboard a Carnival cruise ship are suing the cruisliner because they claim they now suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from the experience.

According to a report from the UK Daily Mail, the passengers say Carnival is responsible for their suffering.

"I think about the smell, the stench, and the bad things. All the memories come flooding back, and I can't stop them," 74-year-old Jean Cripps told the newspaper. "I did not get physically injured. I got mentally injured."

Three-thousand passengers were stranded aboard the Carnival Triumph after a fire took out the ships power plant, leaving them without electricity. A judge has found Carnival at fault for the power outage, the Daily Mail reported.

However, the same judge said Carnival made no guarantees the cruise would be safe and was not in breach of its contract with passengers.