U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy said "we need to know more" about the ongoing scandal plaguing the Veterans Administration, "but what is apparent is that the Veterans Administration--at least some V.A. facilities--are poorly serving those whom they should serve."

"The military would never run a battle campaign the way they run healthcare for veterans," Cassidy added.

A reform bill for which Cassidy voted would allow veterans to go to a private provider if an appointment with a V.A. facility was not available in a timely manner. This idea is not new and the V.A. has had this ability, but Cassidy said the V.A. discourages their doctors from using this option.

As for the situation in Iraq, Cassidy said the only way to solve the crisis is to "get a new president."

President Barack Obama has said he want to take a deliberate approach to solving the insurgency, and he did not rule out the possibility of air strikes in the region.

"If Obama was caught off guard, what more reason why we should replace the President," Cassidy said.

"The president, among every leader in the world, should have at his fingertip the information required to know what's happening in the ground in situations like this," Cassidy added. "If he did know and he didn't do anything about it, shame on him. If he didn't know, probably shame on him, too."

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