Hurricane Season

Karen Weaker – Louisiana Landfall Likely
The center of circulation of Tropical Storm Karen is due south of Acadiana. The storm is forecast to cross the coast somewhere in Louisiana. Find out where forecasters think and when you can expect the first cool temperatures of fall.
Rig Evacuations Begin Ahead Of Tropical Storm
BP decides to evacuate personnel deemed non essential to oil and gas production from the world's largest platform and three others in the central Gulf of Mexico. This is done in response to a potential tropical storm passing over or near the area in the next couple of days.
Katrina 8 Years Later [Opinion]
The Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving, parts of New Orleans are a ghost town and may never be neighborhoods again. What's the difference? Is it too many waiting on a hand out or too many hands reaching into the recovery funds for personal gain?
AP Joins Bid To Unseal Court Records
The Associated Press has joined a New Orleans newspaper in urging a federal judge to unseal court documents related to a Justice Department probe of alleged prosecutorial misconduct in its investigation of deadly police shootings that happened a few days after Hurricane Katrina struck.

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