Happy Veterans Day to those who have served our country! Millions of Americans will be celebrating our military on Wednesday, November 11- regular folks who were called to duty one way or the other. Our friends at Military.com have come up with a list of Top 10 celebrities who have served our country, and although they are not the only famous people who have served, we still thank them for being true and proud Americans.


Steve McQueen - USMC

George Carlin - United States Air Force

Ice T - United States Army

Humphrey Bogart - United States Navy

Morgan Freeman - United States Air Force

Chuck Norris - United States Air Force

Mr T - United States Army

Johnny Cash - United States Army

Clint Eastwood - United States Army

Elvis Presley - United States Army


And here are some of your favorite Country Music stars who served their country:


Craig Morgan - United States Army

James Otto - United States Navy

Jamey Johnson - USMC

Josh Gracin - USMC

Kris Kristofferson - United States Army

Willie Nelson - United States Navy

George Jones - USMC

George Strait - United States Army