A bill that would ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving passes the House Transportation Committee by an 8-3 vote. The legislation is by New Orleans Rep. Charmaine Stiaes who says the bill would make talking on a cell phone illegal while driving unless you were using a hands-free device. 

Shreveport Rep. Barbara Norton believes this bill will not save lives because drivers will find other ways to distract themselves. The law would make it a primary offense to use a hand-held device while driving. Stiaes says the change is needed in order to improve highway safety. She says it's a step in the right direction toward eliminating all types of distracted driving. Baton Rouge Rep. Dalton Honore believes the bill is an example of government intrusion into a citizens personal choice.

The measure now heads to the House floor for more debate. A similar piece of legislation passed the lower chamber in 2009, but failed to get out of a senate committee.