The town council of Chapel Hill, North Carolina has voted to ban all cell phone use while driving in their city.  Their council has decided that drivers caught making a call while driving can be ticketed and fined twenty-five dollars.  Should we consider this in Lafayette?  The ban even includes anyone talking on a phone using a blue-tooth or other hands-free device.

Under Louisiana law there is no texting while driving, but so far, the Legislature has not allowed talking on a phone while driving.  I understand that distracted driving kills, but I am wondering how far a ban on talking on your phone might turn into?  Once police could bust you for this, could you get in trouble for scarfing down some fries from your run through the fast food drive-thru somewhere?  Are they going to make us stop listening to music that makes us wild, or talk radio that fires us up?  What about your kids?  Will there eventually be a ban on your kids talking in the car?  What about when your brother is touching your shoulder, and your mom wants to smack both of you?  That is distracted driving, but it is also life, should you get a ticket for that?

Safety is a major concern for anyone who gets behind the wheel, and everyone knows that impaired driving kills along with distracted driving, so how about banning phones while driving?  Do you think it is a good idea?  For the most part, I hate to talk while driving anyway because I don't want to be distracted, but there are plenty of other people who can do two things at one time, and they have no problems what-so-ever.  So what do we do?  Ban the uncoordinated?  It might not be a bad idea, but can you imagine the test you would have to take at the DMV to prove you are coordinated?  Would juggling balls be part of this test?  Would they run you through a simulator that tests you while driving and eating?  I don't know.  Maybe if we all just waited to make the call, we wouldn't have to worry about it.  We could just be responsible drivers, and the argument would be over right?  I know, I am simpleton, but hey, I can dream right??