People all across the country saw video surface last week of a Planned Parenthood official discussing harvesting organs and tissue from aborted fetuses. Many people, especially pro-life people, were appalled and disgusted with the video.

Count Congressman Charles Boustany as one of those people.

“As a doctor, I’m shocked and disgusted by the video of a Planned Parenthood official that raises serious ethical questions about the organization’s possible participation in fetal tissue trafficking," says Boustany. "Not only is this practice illegal, it’s barbaric and callous."

Boustany has signed a letter calling for a congressional investigation into abortion provider Planned Parenthood's practices, specifically in the area of fetal tissue trafficking.

"The American people have a right to the truth behind this video. I’m demanding a congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices, and my colleagues and I will fight to get to the bottom of this.”