The US Geological Survey say that Louisiana loses the equivalent of a football field an hour in coastal deterioration. The USGS states that Louisiana has lost over 1,900 square miles of wetlands over the past 78 years.

The fight to slow the deterioration has been underway for many years, and is finally beginning to yield results. USGS geographer Brady Couvillion  says that the study was released to make the country more aware of a serious problem threatening the state.

Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany has been a leader in the effort to stop the major erosion and stated that these efforts are beginning to pay off. The USGS has said that the rate of erosion has significantly declined between 2008 and 2010. Boustany said, "After losing 1,900 square miles of coastal Louisiana since 1932, USGS acknowledged the rate of coastal loss between 2008 and 2010 has significantly declined, and land may have been gained during that period. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the coastal restoration efforts I’ve worked with the state and Congress to implement..." According to the USGS, Louisiana experiences around 90% of the coastal loss in the gulf.

Since 2008, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has approved an estimated  $1.5 billion in coastal investments in Louisiana. "We must continue funding these programs, including the Southwest Coastal Louisiana Feasibility Study, to ensure our valuable coastal wetlands – the engine behind Louisiana’s economy – are here for future generations.”