The latest federal campaign finance report shows the Lafayette Congressman leading the New Iberia lawmaker in fundraising as they duke it out for the newly-redrawn seat.

The Federal Election Commission reports show Boustany raised $500,000 between July 29th and September 30th, compared to Landry who raised nearly $380,000 during that period. Throughout the campaign, Boustany has amassed nearly $500,000 more than Landry has.

Boustany has been considered the favorite in this race, but political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says no one can really tell for sure:

The lack of independent polling really leaves us without a clear picture of who is doing the best right now.

The report from the F.E.C. shows the lone democrat in the race, Ron Richard, with $15,000 in cash. Two other candidates, Libertarian Jim Stark and republican Bryan Barilleaux, did not report any cash funds. Pinsonat says it's hard to tell if the minor candidates will get enough support to force a run-off, because there are no independent polls.