Gifford Briggs of Charter Schools USA joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss actions of the Lafayette Parish School Board at Tuesday night's meeting.

It was a disappointing 5-4 vote to defer action on charter schools and according to Briggs,

For the second board meeting in a row they decided to delay voting on it for another period of time.  Saying they want more information, more questions, they want to look into more things.  This an important decision for Lafayette Parish and I can understand that.  At the same time we've been working on this for three years.  There has been plenty of time for discussion.

With all the delays and lack of action on the part of the Lafayette Parish School Board Briggs says there may not facilities constructed in time for the next school year.

If we want to open one or two schools by August of next year we have a lot construction to do, a lot of hiring to do and we have a lot of work to do and the longer the Board continues to push back this vote the less likely that we will have two brand new facilities built for the school year next year.

Listen to the interview: