Ever wondered how the upper crust is living? Wonder how much that lap of luxury would cost you?

The folks at Zillow pulled the priciest single-family homes for sale on its website. This excludes any working ranches or empty parcels. They just wanted to take an apple-to-apple comparison of the top-priced homes in the country.

It comes as no shock as the top three states are California, New York and Florida.

But where does Louisiana's most expensive home come in at? Actually not too bad. It's in Covington and it's listed at $7.5 million. (Well not bad when you consider California's top home is listed for $195 million!)


The Covington home is 7,597 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It has a three car garage, sports a pool, cabana, guest house, tennis court, gym, greenhouse, workshop & a picturesque tree house on a small island.