There are many ways chef and cooks get the material they need to write books and learn how to make their products. In this edition of the "Lafayette Food Junkie Show," Tiffiany Decou sits down with three of them to discuss those topics.

Dustie Latiolais, the executive chef with Crawfishtown USA and owner/operator of Cochon Cannery was guest co-host. Tiffiany and Dustie talked about the increasing popularity of Chefs making their own products for sell and what that might mean for them in the future.

They also talked with Rien Fertel and Denny Culbert about Rien's new book "The One True Barbecue". The two discussed the road trip adventures and highlights of the roadtrip they embarked on in an RV as they gained material for the book. The two are also about to cook their first whole hog together and will be selling plate lunch style BBQ on Father's Day.

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