Jesse Jackson Jr. was elected to Congress in a special election in 1995 and now he's been re-elected after missing 225 votes since June 8, 2012.  The man has missed every vote since June 8, 2012 and did not campaign for re-election but relied on robo-calls asking for prayers and patience.  How much more patience can his constituents have?  225 votes missed...that's all the votes that were conducted since June 8, 2012 and Jackson did not vote once.  His constituents must not mind paying him for not showing up and doing his job.  His constituents must not be concerned how he pays for his $2 million home in Washington D.C.. His constituents must not be concerned where he came up with the $40,000 to buy a female friend a Rolex watch.  His constituents may not care but the FBI is investigating!

Attorneys for the Justice Department and attorneys representing Jackson allegedly are negotiating a deal concerning campaign finance irregularities.

Jackson is currently residing at the Mayo Clinic for his second prolonged stay for treatment of bi-polar disorder.  While I sympathize with anyone suffering from mental disorders I have to question whether Jackson's illness is real or a real imaginative way to avoid prosecution for illegal behavior.  Jackson's questionable behavior goes back to 2008 when his name came up in the case against former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Jackson's part in Blagojevich's scheme to sell newly elected President Obama's Senate seat was being investigated by a House Ethics Committee but was dropped from the investigation by a request from the Justice Department.

I admit being "shady" doesn't make you guilty of anything but I can't believe Jackson's constituents don't mind paying his salary for no performance....wait...that could be the President we're talking about.  "Shady" and no performance.

Can't the people in Chicago find someone other than a phantom Congressman to occupy their representative seat in Washingon.