Police say a man from Clinton is under arrest after a child brought a disturbing note to school from her mother indicating the woman was being held against her will. East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis says he received a call from the school superintendent regarding the mother's letter turned in to administrators by an 11-year-old.

"Basically the letter said that she needed someone to get her out of the situation that she was in and she gave the address," said Travis.

Travis said the note alleged that the mother couldn't get out of the location and to please send police. He says they obtained a warrant to enter the home and found three women -- the mother, and the grandmother and mother of the suspect, 27-year-old Donald Guy.

"She was not physically restrained, but she was scared to leave based on a series of events that had happened prior to that," said Travis.

Travis said they found Guy hiding in a closet and took him into custody on multiple counts including domestic abuse battery and false imprisonment. He commends the efforts of the child and the victim - and school officials for taking immediate action.

"That's something that doesn't happen everyday, but definitely brace on the part of the mother and the child," said Travis.