Family members know I love chocolate chip cookies and know I snack in the middle of the night.  I have a couple of observations about this.

First let me say I have done extensive testing and I think the Keebler elves make the best basic chocolate chip cookie.  The other brands try but leave me wanting more.  They never have enough chocolate taste even though they may have as many or more chips.  Maybe the elves use some sort of premium chips?  Keebler cookies are always “just right” and always fresh.  Other brands try to make up for the freshness factor my baking their product too much to get the same Keebler “snap” but they fall short in the taste category.

Onward to my belief that Keebler or any other brand of chocolate cookie tastes better at midnight (or some other late night hour).  I can’t put my finger on the reason but I have had cookies in the middle of the night and later that day had cookies out of the same bag and they don’t taste the same!  I’ve had cookies in the morning or afternoon and they taste good but later that night a midnight snack taste better from the same bag.  I’ve tried them with coffee in midday or afternoon, milk, soft drinks but they taste so much better in the middle of the night!  With or without liquid accompaniment they just flat taste better as a nocturnal snack.

To preserve freshness to the last cookie I open the Keebler bag and transfer all of them to a gallon ziplock bag before I chomp into the first cookie.  When I remove a cookie or two or more I flatten the bag and squeeze as much air out before I zip it closed.

I’ve also noticed the moonlight snack is better for my figure.  During the night usually two cookies will satisfy my hunger and I go back to sleep but at any other time it’s usually four to six cookies before I’m satisfied!

The only time chocolate chip cookies taste better mornings or evenings is when Kathy bakes fresh chocolate chip cookies and I get to sample them hot.

Try your favorite cookies as a midnight snack and I think you’ll agree whether you like cookies baked by elves or larger people they taste better at midnight.