So according to the, there latest poll shows that respondents say chocolate is their number one for Valentine's Day desserts.  I, of course, agree; but, showing your love in many ways really takes the cake too!

The poll shows that a little over 33 percent of folks in the survey says their number one dessert for Valentine's is chocolate, and I am all about that.  My waste-line ( pun intended!) hates it, but hey it's the day for love, chocolate, flowers, honeybees and sweetness, so a little chocolate can't hurt on February 14th right?

The poll has creme brulee coming in a close second as favorite Valentine's Day desserts with 26 percent of the vote.  I love creme brulee, and I will take it for Valentine's Day, but I would probably climb over a table to get to the chocolate, while I would most likely not do that for the creme brulee.

So what do I really love?  If you care, I really love when someone who loves me, just shows that they care.  A nice note, a card, a sweet voicemail message would really do it for me, seriously.  But..............., and here is a big one, I will NEVER turn down chocolate, more chocolate, chocolate, flowers, cake, cupcakes, cake-pops, flowers, wine, facials, perfume, spa stuff, gift certificates, shoes........I know, I am disgusting!!!  No woman will ever turn down these fun things given to us for Valentine's Day!  We would be crazy to turn this stuff down, and we know how much we make our husbands crazy as they stress out hoping they have given us the right thing.  But, I want husbands not to worry.  I think real women love you just the way you are, and they hope you love them they same way in return.  That's what we really want as woman, or at least, that's what this woman wants.  And we want you to show it, and that's it.

Now, if you have done something to get you into the doghouse, then Lord help you because you are going to be one poor dude trying to buy all that stuff just to get back in her good graces, so good luck, and don't forget chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!  Also remember flowers really do have the power to get you out of hot water.  Long stemmed red roses are a perfect way to say, "Yes, I am a low-down, mean, dirty dog, who should never be forgiven, but please forgive me, and I will work to worship you forever!"

Now, if the roles are reversed, and you are a "low-down, mean, dirty dog woman" then I would suggest you bust up on a massive gift card from Academy, cook a killer meal and plan on NEVER NAGGING HIM AGAIN!

I love you and Happy Valentine's Day,