Chris Allain of Vidox Motion Imagery joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today with an invitation to all entrepreneurs to participate in Innov8 beginning tomorrow.

We noted that the tri-fold brochure for Innov8 was printed in a rather small font and Allain responded by saying,

I think we picked the format for the brochure before all the events were finalized.  We've been adding events, literally since the beginning but now we're at over 60 events at 15 different venues over eight days.

When asked to explain to our audience the purpose of Innov8 Allain said,

Innov8 is a festival of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.  We designed it to recognize, to inspire, to encourage and celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship in all venues.  So if you recognize innovation, if you show people what it looks like you can expect to get more of it.  We also want to help businesses, artists, anyone who wants to commercialize and monatize their innovation.  So, the idea is we want to create more prosperity, more opportunity and if people come up with great ideas and they just sit on a shelf those ideas are not as valuable.

According to Allain,

We have events that will allow artists, business people, entrepreneurs, inventors to find out how to commercialize their endeavors. They can actually find out how to get capital.  One event, The Vault is modeled after 'The Shark Tank' investors have agreed to invest a minimum of $150,000 that evening in front of a live audience to five entrepreneurs who will come in and tell their stories.


For more information and to register visit Innov8 today.

Listen to the entire interview: