You've seen him chugging up and down the steps of the Cajundome in Lafayette, or maybe even the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. His name is Chris "Yum Yum" Jones - famously known to many as "The Cotton Candy Man" - and right now, he needs our help to rebuild his life after he literally lost everything in a trailer fire.

This is the latest in a streak of hard times for Chris after he recently lost part of his leg to diabetes, leaving him disabled and unable to do his job as "The Cotton Candy Man" that he loved so much. Because he has had this job all his life he doesn't have any insurance or benefits to aid him during these hard times.

Anyone who has crossed paths with Chris "Yum Yum" Jones knows that he is a great person, who is no stranger to adversity. Chris is facing this tragedy with the same enthusiasm as he did after Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina took everything from me before, and I rebuilt..... and I'll do it again.

If you would like to donate food or clothing, you can do so between 8:30a and 4:30p M-F here at Townsquare Media (1749 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506)

Chris' sizes are 2X in shirts, and 38 in pants. Also, Chris' friends have set up a donation page through GoFundMe HERE, where you can make any monetary donations if you so choose.

Anything will help, as Chris has lost everything, from his home to his dog, being left with only the clothes on his back.

Join our Townsquare Media family to help Chris rebuild his life. Thanks, and God bless!