You go along through your day and see what a jaded world we live in.  People are dealing with their own problems and don't seem to have time for anyone else.  It troubles me as I see people steering away more and more from helping their fellow man.  Then, I see something like this story, which renews my faith in the idea of good people in the world.

As the story goes, a man took to reddit to talk about how he will not be able to face his kids at Christmas.  He talked about how he was not going to be able to pay his bills let alone buy gifts.  Other users caught sight of what he had to say and decided to do more than just say, "gee, tough break."  One woman contacted him and offered to pay his entire water bill and did so.  Others bought toys for his kids for Christmas.  So much poured in that the man has had to turn around and give the gifts to others just because he had as much as he needed.

It's easy this time of year to see the ugliness that is human-kind.  Just one trip into the traffic around the mall is enough to see that.  But this kind of example just goes to show that there is some good in everyone.  These people acted on it and made a difference in this man's life and in the lives of several of his family members.

The Christmas spirit does exist and moments like this make it clear.  Makes you think that it really could be a Merry Christmas.