An independent audit of the city of Broussard shows that the town is one of the most financially stable communities in the state.

Independent auditor Burton Kolder of the company Kolder, Champagne, Slaven & Company delivered the information to the Broussard City Council and Mayor Charles Langlinais this week.

The report shows that financially the city of Broussard is healthy and also one of the most fiscally stable towns in the state of Louisiana.

Mayor Charles Langlinais had this to say,

"This report confirms that Broussard is one of the most desired places in our state to work and own a business.  We are making fiscally sound decisions for our citizens and investing in infrastructure to ensure this pattern of growth continues for decades to come."

Here are some of the facts and figures:

  • Revenues were 12.05% over and expenditures were 7.01% under
  • Total assets for 2013 were $86.3 million and $93.5 million for 2014
  • The total liability for 2013 was $41.9 million and $40.5 million for 2014
  • The city also has $28.8 million in available, unrestricted net reserves

Broussard Councilman Johnnie Foco says,

"According to guidelines for governmental accounting, you should have 60 days of operating capital without taking in any money. The city is at 21 months. That is a testament to the leadership in Broussard and work of both its elected officials and business community to secure the future of Broussard."