Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison visited on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss a comprehensive plan that will soon be introduced to the City Council.  After much research the Fenstermaker group has presented a plan that will contribute to the smart growth and beautification of the city.

According to Morrison the planning stage has brought together all demographics of the community to include ideas from citizens that have seen the city grow from an agricultural area into a more urbanized community with white collar jobs and light industry to younger people who have grown up in recent years as well as new residents to the area.  Morrison said,

"One of the best things of the plan is the fact that it will help the City grow in a sustainable way.  A way that will allow us to build something that won't have to be torn down and rebuilt in twenty years."

In addition to having the first four-lane thorough fare in the parish outside of the Lafayette city limits the plan includes better drainage with community retention ponds, sidewalks and a bike trail.

Morrison said the plan will be presented to the City Council at it's meeting in October.

Listen to the interview: