Many people have expressed concern for CJ and his family, and in efforts of keeping you updated (with as much information as the family wants to share), we will, from time-to-time, update you here.

Today, in his Facebook update, he included an address, as many of you were asking where you could send cards and such.

This morning, February 15, 2016, CJ posted the following to his Facebook page:

Tomorrow is a huge huge day for our baby girl. Many of you want updates. I don't mean to take up Facebook with our situation but here goes:

Brittni will have many tests tomorrow, be knocked out for a bone marrow test, start the first round of major chemo, continue on the beginners chemo, platelets, and several other drugs to keep her blood somewhat stable.

Her condition is stable but critical. Tomorrow there will be a team of doctors and nurses that will watch her blood every few hours over the next month...and that will be key. But these folks are excellent at what they do.

Many of you have requested the address here at the hospital:

Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Magnolia Drive
Tampa, FL. 33612
Brittni Clements Room 404

Brittni, brother Blake, her mom and I thank you so much for your prayers, burning of candles, prayer masses, rosaries, prayer lists, etc. This a very very difficult time for Brit as you can imagine, but everything you are doing to lift this family in spirit means the world to us. THE WORLD. I said to Brittni today, if we could actually see prayers and well wishes, we would visually see that this entire room is overflowing. All these prayers...and the 415 (now room 404). But we don't have to see them...we are feeling them. Boy are we!

We love all of you to the moon and back. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Goodnight.

<<cj>> - via Facebook


We also heard word that, in efforts of helping to pay for her hospitalization and the family's expenses during this time, a volunteer will be designing t-shirts for sale, with the proceeds going directly to the family.  We'll update you as soon as we hear word.

Again, on behalf of CJ and his family, thank you for your outpouring of concern: your prayers and positive thought are much appreciated.