I am a "Misty". Actually I guess I am two kinds of Misty. I love the MSTY messaging app that allows you to add music to your smartphone messages and I love MST3K. Those of you who are of a certain age understand more about MST3K than you do about MSTY. Trust me you will love both, but let's focus on the TV show for the time being.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of the great spoof television shows ever created if you ask me. The plot of each episode involved a bad movie, some campy commentary, bad acting, and quick witted writing. Oh, and all of this took place aboard the satellite of love. Yeah, the show is set on board a space ship. Don't worry how they breath, it's just a TV show, relax.

The creator of MST3K, Joel Hodgson is looking to bring back the show. Of course to do any thing these days requires money. He is asking for your help to fund the project. If you remember the show and it still makes you laugh you  might want to check out the video and see if you want to offer a contribution. Personally, I'd pay to watch this before I would watch any thing with a Kardashian in it for free.