I've recently seen several Facebook friends post status updates, indicating they're purging their friends lists. Good idea. There's a lot of toxicity there. You'd be doing yourself a favor by distancing yourself from 9 types of people, according to esquire.com.

#1 The showoff. This person makes you feel inadequate by posting a highlight reel of his or her life. Don't compare yourself to that.

#2 The combatant. This person is always looking for an online fight. See Ya'!

#3 The reality Star. You don't need to interact with people who air their dirty laundry in a social medium with more than a billion users.

#4 Mr. or Ms vague. They make cryptic references to their anger & disappointment. They're attention seekers. 'Bye Felicia.

#5 The gaming fanatic. When someone sends me a game request, I give them ONE warning.

#6 The proud parent. Do you want to watch their home movies?

#7 Critic. Don't like what I post? Move on.

#8 Your boss. Why would you want to broadcast your every move to him, or her? seriously.

#9 The person you don't know...at all.

Bottom line, keep your Facebook relationships positive, just like those in the real world. There's no reason to keep negative, toxic people in your life.