When it comes to the injury report for the Ragin' Cajuns Baseball team, there's good news and there's bad news. We'll start with the positives.

The loss of Kyle Clement early in the season threw a serious monkey wrench into the Cajuns' offensive output, but it looks like he is close to making his return. His broken bone healed to the point where Tony Robichaux put him back on the 27 man roster, and he could even see the field early this week.

"If his body is good enough, we think he's ready, he might get an at bat on Tuesday," Robichaux said in his weekly press conference.

Robe wasn't optimistic about Clement playing Tuesday against Nichols State, but that timeline is encouraging for any fan wearing vermilion and white.

In terms of other big bats, Steven Sensley's hamstring issue appears to be all gone. Coach Robe said the muscle kept tightening up on Sensley early in the year, but he's been able to get out in the field and run on it without any adverse effects of late. If his three-run home run against LSU is any sign of his power starting to return, there could be a serious power surge on the horizon for a player that walked on campus with folklore-style stories about his strength.

There's another player making positive progress on the health charts as well. Nick Thurman is without a doubt the Cajuns everyday pitcher, but having Ryne Ray get back to health only helps their depth at a very thin position.

"He is closer, but they've been having him catch. He's been able to start catching now," Robichaux said about Ray, who is recovering from surgery on the meniscus in his knee.

With the return of Clement and Sensley reaching peak physical shape, it's easy to get excited. Unfortunately, not all news can be good.

Hunter Kasuls was developing as a freshman at the short stop position, but his progression will take a hit for the next 5-6 weeks with a broken bone in his hand. The injury forces Robichaux's hand, lineup wise, but he still has the very viable option of Brad Antchak for the length of Kasuls' absence. Robe won't have the righty/lefty option he usually likes to play with, but the Baseball Gods don't play favorites. In this game, you take the hand that is dealt and try not to let the cards get to you.

On the grand scheme of things, one player (Kasuls) is heading to the recovery table, but three players (Clement, Sensley, Ray) are coming off the injury report. It's not a perfect injury report, but it's an improvement.