The world is getting weirder by the moment in many cases.  One of these such cases involves a drunken man, a store clerk, a bottle of beer and food stamps.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans are out of work across the country, and it breaks my heart to know that many families have to go without necessities.  This is not a case of necessity.  This is a case of a "want" versus a "need", or maybe that's just the way that I see it.

A New York Daily News story picked up by Fox News just made me sad, angry and then worried about the world.  Police reported that a drunken man got angry at a Brooklyn store clerk when the store clerk told him he couldn't use his food stamps to buy beer.  Allegedly the drunk man then slashed the clerk's face.

34-year-old Mutahar Murshed Ali says he was attacked Thursday morning in the Express Deli when the suspect said to Ali, “Sell it to me. Don’t get me mad.” Ali told the guy that he couldn't sell him the Colt 45 if they guy was going to use his food stamp card.  Ali says the man then shouted a racial slur at him and fled.

Police then say the guy came back a few minutes after that and cut Ali on one side of his face going from his lip to his cheek.  Police are still looking for this suspect.

I am sad the man is likely an alcoholic.  I am sad that the man needs serious help.  I am more sad for the store clerk and our world at large.  It's like the wheels are flying off our bus, but maybe I am just being dramatic.  It seems to me the world gets weirder each day.  I am also very worried about people hurting other people because they "want" things.

I know we all struggle each day to get things we "want".  When you think about it though there are few things we really need.  We need air, food, shelter, clothes, and in my opinion, we need some who cares whether we live or die.  This store clerk obviously doesn't "need" beer.  He may want it or crave it, but he doesn't "need" it.  I am sick and tired of people who think they can just take anything they want.  They could care less that they hurt people in the process.  Enough is enough.  Prosecute people for stealing, and guess what I think?  You want to cut a man's face because you "need" a beer, give back that food stamp card because some hard working person needs it more than you.