Police-involved shootings are a hot topic right now, and Cleveland officer Nakia Jones has gone viral for her powerful message from behind the badge.

Jones went live on Facebook Wednesday afternoon to weigh in on the BRPD-involved shooting of Alton Sterling and since then, her video has been viewed over 3 million times with hundreds of thousands of shares.

Police tend to get generalized when these types of shooting videos surface, but the truth is many officers are like Nakia—dedicated to protect and serve their communities. It's understandable why these situations can anger police officers just as much as they may anger the community that feels affected.

It bothers me when I hear people say, ‘Y’all police officers this, y’all police officers that. They put us in this negative category when I’m saying to myself, ‘I’m not that type of police officer.’ I know officers that are like me that would give their life for other people. So I’m looking at it, and it tore me up because I got to see what you all see. If I wasn’t a police officer and I wasn’t on the inside, I would be saying, ‘Look at this racist stuff. Look at this.’ And it hurt me.

I'm definitely thankful for the honest hard working police officers who put their life on the line to protect and serve the communities they work in.

And you should be, too.

[via WKYC]