With a line-item veto last Friday Governor Bobby Jindal slashed $100,000 from CODOFIL's budget for the upcoming year.  CODOFIL, the Council on Development of French in Louisiana was organized 44 years ago to promote and preserve French in Louisiana and is being threatened by the Governor's budget cuts.  Erin Stickney of CODOFIL joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today to discuss the program and effects of the budget cut.

In addition to teaching the French language through immersion programs Stickney said,

"Legislatively CODOFIL has been tasked to develop a certification system whereby festivals, vendors and restaurants can be identified as "Francophone friendly".

According to Stickney the program will be used to promote businesses that offer services during all business hours in French.

To help overcome the imminent $100,000 budget cut CODOFIL is asking everyone to call or write their state legislators and ask them to hold a veto session to override the Governor's veto.  In addition CODOFIL is asking for 100,000 one dollar donations to CODOFIL.  Checks for any donation amount can be made out to La Foundation Louisiane and sent to 715 Jefferson Street, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70501.

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