Recently Governor Bobby Jindal used his line-item veto to cut $100,000 from the budget of CODOFIL (Council on Development of French in Louisiana) and the effort to replace the shortfall is underway.  On 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today Erin Stickney of CODOFIL said with forty one days left in the fundraiser only $17,000 has been raised.

Stickney says the fundraising effort is being run by Franco Jeune a group of young French speakers.  The effort is being facilitated by and donations of at least one dollar are being collected.  According to Stickney,

"What we are encouraging is 100,000 contributions of a dollar each is to see a mass amount of people contributing to give everyone a sense of ownership of the project."

The first few days of the fundraiser donations were running approximately $1,000 a day but have slacked off with forty one more days to complete the fundraiser.  If the goal is not met Stickney said will receive a greater percentage of money collected then if the goal is met.

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