Call me strange.  Call me a nerd.  I'm fine with it.  Because when it comes to a commercial that is great at what it does, I am totally on board.

There is one that I have seen lately when I have been catching up with some of my favorite TV shows online.  One of the biggest players there has been Shocktop.  This is not a beer that everyone would widely know, but after this ad campaign, maybe it should be.  We've all heard that the end of the world is set for December 21st of this year, but how about someone using it to sell beer?  It makes some sense if you really think about it.

If you watch the commercial closely, you can see item after item that works into the whole end of the world prophetic vision that comes from the Mayans and Nostradamus.  While Chevy pulled this during the Super Bowl, this actually works well because it gets your attention and makes you laugh.  Further, it makes you want to go buy a beer (before it's too late).

Check it out for yourself and vote below to let us know what you think about it.